Our Approach


Every employee has a unique mental well-being journey

Root cause of workplace stress is not confined to single factor, so to cater it an innovative therapeutic device is offered at your workplace , 20 min of which relaxes the mind and simultaneously we also assess the employee in consecutive time intervals using our Special EAF- Employee Assessment Form developed by team of psychologist ,next we do an intense data analysis which helps in designing a tailor made solution delivered especially by our team of versatile experts depending upon problem identified in analysis.

2. The BIG question, Why EWP ?

Supported By Theraputic Device

Quick 20 min. session of our innovative therapeutic device tunes your mind into meditative calmness any where any time

Reseach Based Program

Profound scientific research studies and expert intervention helped us in bundling a program that elevates the employee psychological capital

Analytical Solution

Expert designed Employee Assessment Form -EAF helps us in delivering custom made solution based on problem identified by data analysis


Our device is validated by psychotherapist and we are a versatile team of psychologist, meditation & Yoga experts , etc. working for Employee Mental Wellness

3. WellMing, The revolutionary gadget


WELLMING our innovative therapeutic device effortlessly tunes your mind into meditative calmness and rejuvenates you with a refreshing start again

4. Features

Carefree Relax

Relax in 20 min effortlessly without need of expert

Reseach Based

Derived from profound research studies of frequency and delivered through technological implication


Validated by psychotherapist using research grade device

Affilated by Govt.

A unique way of delivering frequency to relax mind

Our team

We are a team of mental wellness enthusiast, meditation expert, psychotherapist, engineers developing and applying technological advancement into product and services based on psychological research studies for making workplace pleasant and filled with liveliness.

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