It's Better to Feel Than to Listen!

Music without words means leaving behind the mind, and leaving behind the mind is meditation.
Meditation returns you to the source and the source of all is SOUND!

Technology Note


How Bone Conduction Works

Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull, allowing the hearer to perceive audio content without blocking the ear canal. Bone conduction transmission occurs constantly as sound waves vibrate bone, specifically the bones in the skull, although it is hard for the average individual to distinguish sound being conveyed through the bone as opposed to sound being conveyed through air via the ear canal. Intentional transmission of sound through bone can be used with individuals with normal hearing — as with bone-conduction headphones — or as a treatment option for certain types of hearing impairment. Bone generally conveys lower-frequency sounds better than higher frequency sound.

Sectors Where This Technology Can Be Used

Medical segment

Hearing aid, Speech therapy, Sound meditation therapy, Visual impairment.

Personal Entertainment

Safe hearing device for long duration & high volume music.

Military Personnel

Tactical communication device for military operations.

Industrial Worker

Trouble free communication in noisy  environment.

Vehicle Drivers

Personal communication with full environmental awareness.

“There is nothing closer to meditation than music, wordless, meaningless but tremendously significant!” :- OSHO


A Bone Conduction Headphone Specially Designed for "MUSIC MEDITATION"

Product Features


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Specially designed for music meditation using bone conduction..

To provide highest quality sound output using bone conduction.

To provide irritation free hearing device for prolonged usage.

To provide a ear drum damage prevention and infection free device.

To provide feel of zero noise augmented reality listening.

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Product On Pipeline of R&D

Bone conduction hearing aid is useful for those who are having conductive hearing loss or mixed hearing loss. We are in the stage of R&D for a hearing aid.

Using the HRV we are detecting the stress level of a person. Higher HRV indicates a relaxed state of mind because automatic system cooks well when HRV is high. We are developing a product which will use HRV data with software processing to modify live sound from headphone and it will be useful in music meditation

The idea is to use AI and HRV data to guide the user for better experience of meditation.

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